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Get To Know The Complete Computer Components With Their Functions

1. Mainboard/Motherboard
Motherboard (often referred to with the mainboard) is a piece of computer hardware in the form of boards, where hardware motherboard hardware that is most important and it is very important because it contains the system BIOS (Basic Input Output System ), input-output connections Manager (chipset), memory (RAM) Sockets, the socket graphic card (VGA Card), sockets and socket processor, additional card (additional cards, such as PCI, ISA).
The functions of the Motherboard is as the center of all the computer hardware so that all computer hardware can be connected between the components to each other.

2. Processor
Processor is a component of a computer that is running the process as a brain and a computer with work pengandali liaising with other computer device, the unit of speed is the Processor in Mhz (Mega Heartz) or Ghz (Giga Heartz) with the greater the speed of the processor will be the faster computer performance when running.
The function of the Processor is to process data received from the input or input, then it will result in expenditures or output. The workings of the processor will continue to connect with other computer components, especially the haddisk drive (HDD) and RAM.

3. RAM
RAM (Random Access Memory) is a temporary storage area on a computer when the computer is on the run and can be random or random access.
The Ram is to save our sport programs for a while (power on) if the computer we die, then all data stored in RAM memory will be lost is the holding capacity is temporary and also not too large. 

4. VGA Card
VGA card (Video Graphics Accelerator) is part of the computer, inside the CPU play is very important to display the output of the process to monitor. Without a VGA card, the computer screen will not display anything blank alias. VGA card itself there is an extra slot in the form of default or the manufacturer of the motherboard or also called VGA on board.
VGA card function is to process data graphis and displayed on the screen of the monitor, it also has VGA processor called a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

5. Harddisk Drive
Hard disk Drive HDD abbreviated is a hardware component that stores data on a magnetic disk and contains the secondary.
The function of the Harddisk are as permanent data storage is mainly as a storage operating system and we can access anytime we want to. Capacity is measured in units of Giga bytes.

6. CD ROM/Optical drives
The CD-ROM is an acronym for "compact disc read-only memory" is a compact disc from the optical disc types (optical disc) that can store data. The CD-ROM also means that CD-ROM drives can only be used to read a CD only.
CD ROM is a function of the hardware that can only read CD only. In addition to these basic uses CD ROM is also used to perform the installation of an OS (Operating System), games, or other software. or upon booting into the OS.

7. Power Supply Power supply hardware is a box whose contents is the cables to transmit voltage into the other hardware. The magnitude of electricity capable power supply is determined by the power and calculated with the units of Watts.
The function of the Power Supply is the supply voltage directly into computer components such as hard drives, motherboards, DVD ROM drive, fan and other computer components.

8. The Heatsink/Fan Processor
Heatsing is the Act of reducing or mengilangkan heat from a computer. Heat on potentially damaging computers or slow down the work a computer.
The function of the Heatsink is cooling as the processor, if a processor which is not found then the computer fannya will not work properly or other things that will happen to processor will die miserably. because it does not withstand heat.

9. Casing
The casing is part in a computer that serves as a protective or pakain from CPU. The general shape is a square box.
The function of the protective Casing is in addition to the CPU, the casing can also serve as additional cooling. because of today's modern, usually equipped with a cooling fan which there is more than one fruit.